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Turn your boring, beat-up old concrete floors into durable, decorative flooring that will last a lifetime. Our high-performance epoxy floors are ideal for St Louis's businesses, homes and industrial properties.

Why choose our services

From the concrete floor preparation to restoring your floor, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best epoxy and polished concrete floors and customer service available in St Louis.

1. Grind it

We start every project by mechanically grinding, profiling and vacuuming the concrete floor to prepare it in the best way and ensure the longevity of your new flooring.

2. Repair

We repair every crack and hole in the concrete floor before coating. Repairing the floor is vital for a successful, polished concrete or epoxy floor.

3. Coat

We use only the best epoxy products on the market that have the highest performance.

4. Coat it or flake it

We broadcast the polymer flakes for flake flooring to provide an even color and texture. For metallic floors we apply a metallic color coat. For polished concrete we use a concrete densifier.

5. Scrape

For flake flooring we scrape off all excess flakes to prepare the floor for the final step.

6. Seal & Protect

We finish every floor with a protective, UV stable topcoat that will help your floor look new for years to come.

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Why choose epoxy flooring

St Louis

At Epoxy Flooring St Louis we are pros at providing high-quality customized epoxy flooring and polished concrete that look great and are long-lasting. From residential homes to commercial locations, we turn tired-looking spaces into amazing places.

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Skillfully Prepared

Floor preparation is the most essential part of every floor and we know it. So we don't cut corners or time when preparing your floors, starting with a mechanical grind and floor repair.

Professionally Sealed

We use a durable, anti-cracking and abrasion-resistant coating to protect our epoxy floors. This coating helps prevent corrosion and ensures that the surface will maintain its clean appearance even when subjected to heavy traffic.

UV Protected

Our clear polyaspartic topcoats are UV resistant. They protect against the weather and direct sun damage as well as preventing yellowing and peeling.

Easily Maintained

Epoxy and polished concrete floors are the most accessible flooring out there in terms of maintenance. A mop, cloth, and water can easily remove dirt and dust. And thanks to being 100% waterproof, the coating is stain resistant, including oil.

Do you want to upgrade your floor?

If you want to restore your concrete floors and protect them with a durable decorative finish, why not fill in our FREE quote form or give us a call for more information.

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St Louis, O'Fallon, Belleville, Edwardsville, Jerseyville, Warrenton, Festus.

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