Concrete Sealing
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Unsealed concrete is durable but porous which makes it easy for liquids to penetrate and damage the slab and the joints.

Concrete floors should be sealed with protective topcoats to prevent wear and tear and joint corrosion.

At Epoxy Flooring St Louis we offer concrete grind and seal services, an ingenious and cost-effective way of protecting and enhancing the look of your concrete floors. It has a minimalistic and modern look, with an industrial and rustic vibe.

Our concrete sealing service is ideal for St Louis residential, commercial and industrial properties such as garages, warehouses, bars, logistical centers, offices, retail shops, restaurants and more.

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Concrete Sealing In St Louis

Concrete Sealing Benefits

Concrete sealing is the easiest way to preserve the natural look of your concrete floors without spending a fortune on polished concrete. They come with many benefits and are ideal for commercial, residential or industrial facilities in St Louis.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Our concrete sealers are designed to enhance the concrete floor by protecting it from liquid, damage, cracks, chipping and joint corrosion.
Sealed concrete floors can also resist marking from tires and heavy equipment.

easy to clean & Maintain

With its smooth surface, sealed concrete won't harbor any dust, dirt or allergens, making it easy to clean by occasionally using a damp mop or floor scrubber.

Concrete Sealing St Louis
Concrete Dusting

When your unsealed concrete floors show signs of wear and tear you will start noticing fine concrete dust laying around the floor. This dust can harm people's health, delicate equipment and goods. Sealing your concrete prevents this by removing the dusty top layer of the concrete, sealing it, and preventing further damage.

Water tight

The most common places to find unsealed concrete floors, such as basements, garages, and entryways, are those that experience the most exposure to moisture and water. Our concrete sealers are water tight preventing water from damaging the concrete and its joints.

Where Is Grind And Seal Good For?

Grind and Seal is suitable for residential, industrial and commercial use.

If you own a restaurant, bar or cafeteria in St Louis then a grind and seal finish will make your business look trendy. Grease, bacteria and food particles won’t be able to penetrate the clear epoxy coating, making it easy to clean and maintain a healthy environment.

If you work with chemicals in your industrial or manufacturing facility in St Louis, this clear, seamless epoxy coating will prevent chemicals from being absorbed by the concrete and permanently staining and damaging the floor.

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Concrete Sealing St Louis

How we seal your concrete

A grind and seal finish is a pretty straightforward process. Almost any structurally sound concrete floor can be sealed, with the exception of new concrete floors, where the slab should be in place for at least 28 days to ensure the concrete slab has adequately dried.

1. Grind it

The first step is to grind the concrete floor with our concrete grinder which removes old coatings, dirt, oil, grime and stains. This will return the concrete back to a fresh clean slab.

2. Repair

We fill in any cracks and holes that have been exposed during the grinding process. As a result, some of the repairs might be visible on the finished floor, but we ensure they are tastefully integrated.

3. Coat

A clear epoxy sealant is applied to protect the concrete floor. The concrete sealer makes the surface more durable and resistant to liquid, bacteria and dust. Different coatings can create a distinctive look with a matte, natural, wet or high-gloss finish.

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