Floor Tile removal
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Do you want to update your floor but are you put off having to remove the existing ceramic tiles?

We get it! Floor tile removal can be one of the most painful and dusty renovation jobs out there. After all, there is almost one pound of dust per square foot!

Luckily, Epoxy Flooring St Louis has you covered with our speedy, dustless tile removal process. With our tile removal machines, designed to collect even the finest dust, you don't need to worry about cleaning or dusting after your old tiles are gone.

With our St Louis floor tile removal service we guarantee that we will leave a dust free floor ready for your new flooring to be installed.

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Tile Removal Service St Louis
Concrete Grinding In St Louis

Concrete Grinding

If you want to install vinyl tiles, laminate flooring, tiles, hardwood flooring or any other type of flooring, you will need a smooth, even and clean concrete base to ensure longevity.

At Epoxy flooring St Louis we offer mechanical concrete grinding to remove any paint, old coatings, stains, dirt and concrete overlays to leave a smooth, even concrete slab ready for your chosen floor finish.

Our concrete grinding St Louis service is a quick and efficient way to restore your concrete floors to their former glory.

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Floor Glue Removal St Louis

Was your old flooring glued down to your concrete slab?

With our top of the line machines we can quickly and efficiently remove any traces of glue left over from hardwood flooring, carpet, ceramic tiles, stone flooring or vinyl flooring.

Our concrete grinders, with special glue removal disks, can remove any sticky glue in no time, leaving a clean, smooth and dust-free concrete floor ready for your new flooring to be installed.

We carry out floor glue removal projects in residential, commercial and industrial properties in St Louis.

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Concrete Glue Removal St Louis
Carpet Removal Service In St Louis

Carpet Removal St Louis

Are you ready to say goodbye to your old carpets? Removing old carpets might sound easy but it is back-breaking and intensive labor work.

To remove your old carpet, you will have to have the room completely emptied, the carpet cut into specific sizes, rolled into bundles, tied, and then hauled away. And not to mention that not every carpet can be disposed of in the general waste.

At Epoxy Flooring St Louis we have a residential and commercial carpet and vinyl flooring removal service that will save you time and effort.

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Epoxy & Polished Concrete Services

Do you want to upgrade your floor?

If you want to restore your concrete floors and protect them with a durable decorative finish, why not fill in our FREE quote form or give us a call for more information.

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