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Over time, the surface of your concrete patio, walkway or garage floor might dull and wear away. Concrete staining is the perfect option if you are looking for a budget friendly and long lasting decorative option for your floors. Stains can be applied to both new and old concrete slabs.

Acid stains are translucent, penetrating stains that etch and permanently change the color of the concrete by reacting chemically with the hydrated lime in the slab. They can be used indoors and outdoors to create various effects using different colors.

Our acid stains are designed, not only to add color to your St Louis concrete floor, but also to infuse it with rich, deep translucent earth tones.
With acid staining, no two floors will ever look the same, as the final result varies depending on the concrete's composition, the concrete slab's age, and its surface porosity.

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Concrete Staining St Louis

Concrete Stain Benefits

Concrete stain offers a unique way to enhance the look of your concrete floor with a permanent color. In addition, it's cost-effective, has a short turnaround time and is easy to maintain.


Concrete stain penetrates deep into the concrete which prevents it from wearing out, chipping, fading, or discoloring over time.
The surface is resistant to UV light, moisture, damage and heat.

easy to clean

Like other smooth, non-porous surfaces, stained concrete floors are easy to clean and maintain. Allergens, such as dirt, dust mites, and pollen, will not be able to penetrate it, affecting the health of your family, customers, or staff.

Concrete Staining St Louis
Budget friendly

With a short turnaround time we can complete your acid stained floor quick smart and leave you with a low maintenance beautiful looking finish.


We offer a variety of concrete stain colors which can enhance the look, not only of your concrete, but interior too.

How we acid stain concrete

Concrete staining is relatively straightforward with the most important part being floor preparation.

1. Grind it

If there are stains, oil or old coatings left on the floor, the acid stain will not be able to react with the concrete. Therefore, we will need to grind the concrete floor to create a clean surface.

2. Repair

Once the floor is clean we repair any imperfections such as cracks and holes.

3. Spray it

When we are happy with the concrete floor we spray the acid stain on. We then leave it to penetrate the concrete and do its magic.

4. Coat it

Once the concrete dye reaches the desired hues we remove the excess dye and apply an appropriate topcoat to protect and extend the life of your St Louis stained concrete floor.

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