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Concrete is the most environmentally friendly flooring option. It is something that is part of every residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

Because of its longevity, sustainability, performance and durability, it's no surprise that many Warrenton MO businesses and households choose polished concrete's smooth and lustre-looking finish.

Concrete polishing is like sanding wood. The finer you sand it the better looking it becomes. This is essentially what polished concrete is - mechanically grinding the concrete with different diamond grits until it becomes glass smooth.

Because of its durability, polished concrete is ideal for various areas such as homes, retail shops, box stores, warehouses, industrial facilities, hotel lobbies, offices, restaurants, bars and more.

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Polished Concrete
Warrenton MO Benefits

Polished Concrete Warrenton MO is not only aesthetically pleasing but also delivers great value compared to other floor coverings. Polished concrete brings many benefits that traditional flooring types cannot match.

Durable & Long-Lasting

With the way we polish your concrete it is less vulnerable to damage than other flooring options and does not need replacing.
It can withstand heavy foot traffic or light vehicle traffic without the need for waxing.

easy to clean & Maintain

Like other smooth, non-porous surfaces, polished concrete floors are easy to clean and maintain. Allergens such as dust mites and pollen will not be able to penetrate it and affect the health of your family, customers or staff.

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Budget friendly

Apart from the cost of installing the floor, polished concrete does not require extensive maintenance, making it cheaper than other flooring types.

Light Reflectivity

The reflective properties of decorative polished concrete floors maximize lighting in any space. Improved ambient lighting lowers energy costs, improves safety and enhances the appearance of your facility. Polished concrete is the way to go if you want to create a bright, clean, and professional image in your Warrenton MO office, restaurant, hotel, shop or home.

How we polish concrete

Almost any Warrenton MO structurally sound concrete slab, old or new, can be polished. New concrete slabs must be fully dried with no moisture trapped inside. Ideally, the concrete has to be at least 28 days old.

1. Grind it

We start with grinding the floor mechanically to reveal the stones in the concrete slab and remove any dirt, grime, stails, and old paint and sealers.

2. Repair

The next step is to repair all damage to the floor, from cracks to holes and concrete joints. Some repairs might be visible on the finished floor, but the way we do it, they will be more of an added charm to the floor than an eye sore.

3. Grind it

Once the stones are exposed we make many passes over the floor with various diamond grits - starting with lower grits then moving to higher and finer grits.

4. Densify

Once we've done a variety of passes with different diamond grits we then grout any remaining holes and apply a concrete hardener.

5. Polish it

When the concrete hardener is fully cured we polish the floor with different resin polishing pads until we reach the desired sheen.

6. Seal & Protect

The final step in every polished concrete floor is to clean it, apply a stain guard and burnish your Warrenton MO concrete floor.

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